What is bookmarking?

The act of saving a website address for future reference is known as bookmarking. This can be done either on an internet browser, such as Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox, or through a dedicated social bookmarking site such as Pinterest, instagram etc.

Increased domain authority

Search engines give a lot of importance to high authority site, therefore submitting link or content on social bookmarking sites help to get link from different authority sites, which in return improve our own domain authority.

Builds strong social signals

Once you have gained the trust of your prior visitors, through bookmarking quality and relevant content, you are likely to generate more web traffic, resulting in increased popularity of your website. Additionally, since search engines use data from social sites to determine your website's ranking, the more social recommendation your contents receive, the more referral traffic you get resulting in more authority leading to high ranking on search engines.

Improved interaction with fellow bloggers

Bookmarking a link would not be beneficial if there is no active interaction with the readers. It is important that you get involved in a conversation, ask questions, reply to comments, as it will help to understand the loop holes if any and also improve interaction with fellow bloggers.

Increase in number of subscribers

The more interesting content you post on these bookmarking sites, the better is the chance of acquiring valuable traffic and if readers find the content useful, they are more than likely to subscribe to your blog, resulting in high-quality traffic.

Targeted traffic generation

In social bookmarking sites, you can search for anything of your choice just using a tag or a keyword. Suppose you are interested in "movies", you could just type the keyword "movie" and it will provide you with a list of sites. This can be helpful as you can add multiple tags or keywords to your link based on their categories. This will ensure that only interested people are visiting the website, thereby reducing bounce rate.

In recent years Social Bookmarking websites have transformed into dynamic online communities where users not only share and discuss links, but form discussion groups based on mutual interests. Seeking new areas for brand traction should include social bookmarking sites. Visit to the Top Social Bookmarking Sites 2024 where you can introduce your website and blog to various relevant categories to get good backlinks, along with a little traffic. Submission to top social bookmarking sites helps to generate new relevant traffic.

By submitting on high PR bookmarking sites, your blog post can go viral. But if you do proper bookmarking you can drive more traffic to your websites. You should begin with submitting blog posts or web posts to social sharing sites or social bookmarking sites as it has so many benefits. Bookmarking is the fastest way to index your website or blog in search engines. It will reduce the bounce rate and help in blog categorization. All SEO guys are doing social bookmarking. Submission to top social bookmarking sites helps to generate new relevant traffic.

A social bookmarking submission list enables you to store your links on online bookmarking sites. These links or bookmarks are the tagged pages on the web that can be accessed from any computer with internet access. Search a few of your chosen keywords in Google and look at the organic listings that show up on page one of the search results. So, you can say that social bookmarking is the technique to get good back links, and huge traffic along with branding, promotion, and indexing privileges. You should definitely know about social bookmarking if you are a digital marketing guy.